Welcome to the future of broadband.

CapeNet is your source for fiber-optic broadband, wireless backhaul and dark fiber throughout southeastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod.

We provide reliable, high-speed fiber optic broadband to data-intensive enterprises, wireless carriers, data centers, government buildings, schools, colleges, libraries, hospitals and research institutions throughout the region.

CapeNet designed, built and maintains the OpenCape fiber optic network. This new communications super-highway is on a par with the best networks in the world and is the only 100 Gigabit, end-to-end fiber optic network to span our entire region. The network now covers 475 fiber miles with direct connections to the world in Boston, Brockton and Providence RI.

Businesses and towns on or near the network path are welcome to Contact us about service options and visit our Network page to see the entire path of the network. 

We do not offer residential or small business service at this time.

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