Welcome to the future of broadband.

The OpenCape Network is now open for business. This federally funded, 100% fiber-optic network extends more than 350 miles through 37 towns and cities in southeastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod, with high-speed links to the Islands.

This is the new communications super-highway that provides new choices for high-speed broadband connectivity to town government buildings, libraries, hospitals, colleges, schools, research institutions and data-intensive businesses across five different counties. And the network will enable better outdoor Wifi and allow wireless carriers to improve their service for better performance of cell phones, smart phones and tablets.

The OpenCape network is an open-access community asset. This means that any legitimate service provider, regardless of size, can use the network to offer new services or build onto it to reach new customers. It is part of CapeNet's mission to enable open access and provide a level playing field for all service providers.

If you’re a service provider, or thinking of becoming one, we invite you to take advantage of the OpenCape network to sell Internet access and other broadband services.

We do not offer residential or small business service at this time.  All others, please click on our Service Providers tab to meet our current last-mile service providers or Contact us directly.

And visit our Network page to see the entire path of the network. 

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