OpenCape selects CapeNet LLC to design, build and operate the OpenCape Network

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OpenCape selects CapeNet LLC to design, build and operate the OpenCape Network

BARNSTABLE, MA, March 2, 2011 –   OpenCape Corporation today announced that it has executed a contract with CapeNet LLC to design, build, and operate the OpenCape network.

CapeNet LLC (CapeNet), a joint venture of Telecom Global Inc. (TGI) and CapeNet Partners, Inc., will immediately begin preparations to install OpenCape’s fiber optic and microwave network in the spring of 2011.  CapeNet will work closely with UC Synergetic, a company previously engaged by OpenCape to survey and engineer the fiber optic component.

The OpenCape network consists of a core fiber optic backbone of approximately 300 miles on Cape Cod with extensions to two major regional network connection centers in Providence, RI and Brockton, MA.  A microwave radio overlay for backup and emergency services will also be constructed as an integral part of the system.   In addition, more than than 70 government, public safety and educational institutions will be connected to the network as part of the construction.

OpenCape CEO Dan Gallagher said that “the CapeNet team was selected in large part because it brought a combination of national and international telecommunications experience and a comprehensive understanding of the region’s needs.  Short term, its commitment to regional and local sub-contracting ensures the greatest economic impact during construction, while its comprehensive plan for market and services development ensures the long term sustainability of the project.”

According to Alan S. Davis, CEO of CapeNet, “the company is in full alignment with the goals of the OpenCape  to modernize  the telecommunications infrastructure on Cape Cod and elsewhere in Southeastern Massachusetts in support of economic development and governmental efficiency , as well as to increase broadband capacity and improve cell phone coverage in the region.”We are pleased to have been chosen by OpenCape to support their goals to modernize the telecommunications infrastructure on Cape Cod and elsewhere in Southeastern Massachusetts in support of economic development and governmental efficiency. It is our goal to bring increased broadband capacity and improved cell phone coverage in the region.”

Kenny Young, CEO of Telecom Global, Inc., adds, “The Telecom Global portfolio of companies has extensive experience in designing, building and operating broadband networks around the globe. We are pleased to have the opportunity to focus our expertise locally and support OpenCape in its initiative of delivering broadband services to the Cape and surrounding areas.”

The OpenCape network will be connected to the OpenCape regional collocation computing data center in the Barnstable County government complex. OpenCape recently announced that it had received a lease for the former Barnstable County Public Safety Building and would renovate the building beginning in the spring of 2011.  The network and the collocation center combine to create a very powerful resource for economic development and the delivery of essential public services.

OpenCape has been making steady progress in achieving milestones required to build its comprehensive telecommunications system since being awarded a $32 million federal grant in February of 2010.   Art Gaylord, Chair of the OpenCape Board said, “the steady pace of achieving necessary goals, such as obtaining environmental approvals, contracting for survey and engineering services, obtaining the necessary lease from the County, and this capstone of completing a contract for the design, build and operation of the OpenCape network is reflective of a lot of hard work and indicates OpenCape is on target to complete this project by the beginning of 2013.”

The 501(c)(3) non-profit OpenCape Corporation was awarded a $32 million Broadband Technology Opportunity Program (BTOP) grant by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) from American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) stimulus funds on February 28, 2010.  The $32 million BTOP grant is being combined with matching funds totaling $8 million from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, CapeNet, and Barnstable County to construct a comprehensive broadband communications network to support the economic, educational, public safety and governmental needs of the southeast Massachusetts region.

About OpenCape Corporation

The OpenCape Corporation ( is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation.  OpenCape Corporation’s purpose is to fulfill the need for a regional communications network on Cape Cod and the Islands to enhance education, research and economic development, and tpo provide for an emergency communications network in times of crisis.

About CapeNet LLC

CapeNet LLC ( is a joint venture between Telecom Global, Inc. (TGI) and CapeNet Partners, Inc. Telecom Global is a leading international telecommunications engineering, development, construction and operations company.  It wholly owns three commonly managed subsidiaries, LCC International, Inc., Wireless Facilities, Inc. and Opticore Networks, which have approximately 1800 employees working in more than than 50 countries. CapeNet Partners is comprised of a group of seasoned, professional managers who have extensive experience not only in building and managing telecommunications networks, particularly in Massachusetts, but also in the development and sale of network services. 

CapeNet Partners is a management organization comprised of seasoned professionals who have extensive experience in building and managing telecommunications networks in the region and specifically in Massachusetts. Additional CapeNet services include the development and sale of network services. 


Telecom Global and CapeNet Partners form successful partnership to build and operate broadband fiber infrastructure in Eastern Mass.