Benefits of the OpenCape Network

Welcome to the future of broadband.

Together, OpenCape and CapeNet have built a virtually unlimited fiber-optic broadband network that now spans 475 miles throughout southeastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod, with connections to the world in Boston, Brockton and Providence RI.

The OpenCape Network is an essential community asset bringing many benefits to local businesses, our local economy, and regional quality of life. There is no better network in the world.

CapeNet is the network operator and serves large enterprises, wireless carriers, data centers, government buildings, schools, colleges, libraries, research institutions, hospitals and first responders.  We provide affordable, secure, world-class voice and data services, bringing more choices to the region at competitive prices.

What fiber-optic broadband means for our region:

Economic Development
The OpenCape network provides a much needed, state-of-the-art technology infrastructure that can beckon new, innovative economic opportunities and create vibrant, robust local communities.

Regions without this kind of infrastructure will be left behind in the world economy, the way that communities without railroads and highways were left behind in the past.

With our region’s high percentage of micro-business, and a growing national trend toward virtual workers, the network gives our region a powerful infrastructure to support our current and future economies.

Business Opportunities
Our region can now become a desirable hub for clean, green, growth-oriented businesses and start-ups with high-bandwidth needs, creating diverse new job opportunities.

Our fiber-optic broadband network helps local businesses be better equipped to attract and retain top talent and compete in the global economy.

Public Safety
Our police, fire, ambulance and other critical support services will have a more reliable, secure communication network. They’ll be better able to share information and respond quickly across the region in emergencies.

Health Care
The network enables our hospitals and doctors to move massive amounts of data while ensuring HIPAA compliance and adaptability to new technologies, applications and regulatory requirements.

Plus, our health care community can have the same access to resources as centralized, urban areas, exchanging information easily with experts in Boston, or anywhere else in the world. We can become part of the trend toward smaller, local medical offices supported by central experts.

Education, Research and Libraries
Our schools and colleges will be empowered to offer the best connectivity on campus, and interconnections to learning opportunities across the globe. Schools will be able to promote their technology to attract top students, researchers and faculty, expand course offerings and offer the best learning environment.

The OpenCape network enables distance learning, video streaming, data transport, Internet access and real-time communication.

The OpenCape network offers the potential for our town and regional governments to share cloud-based services, common applications such as permitting and licensing, and procure telecom services such as VoIP as a group, saving money and increasing efficiency.